Peterson Park Improvement Association
News for Our Neighbors of Peterson Park

image of a neighborhood city block in the summer .

Who we are:

Peterson Park Improvement Association (PPIA) was founded in 1947 when the area consisted mostly of prairies. Living with dirt roads, unlit streets and abundant wildlife,early residents were truly pioneers. A "frontier spirit" developed among the people of the community who joined together to form PPIA - an association of Peterson Park residents dedicated to the protection and advancement of the mutual interests of all residents of the community.

There was no lack of projects in the beginning. Streets, alleys, lights, bus service, schools and parkway trees were among the many improvements which PPIA fought for and successfuly obtained over the years. At the same time, the association inculcated a pride of ownership which resulted in members doing everything possible to maintain and improve their own properties.

The results of these continuing efforts are clearly visible today in Peterson Park. There are more luxurious communities in Chicago. And there are newer areas. But none are finer in terms of beauty of homes and parkways, convenience of transportation and shopping, and overall quality of residential life.

The job of PPIA today is different because all of the basic improvements which our community requires have been installed. However, the job is no less critical and demanding. It is difficult to get to the top. But, it is just as difficult if not so to stay at the top.

We are taking this opportunity to tell you about the job that PPIA is doing in Peterson Park today and to ask you for your support of our mutual efforts to achieve a "better way of life."

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